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Ship's History

The PLUCK (MSO-464), a minesweeper, was laid down 31 March 1952 by Wilmington Boat Works, Inc. Wilmington, California. Launched on 6 February 1954. It was sponsored by Mrs. Robert J. Eaton, and commissioned 11 August 1954. Lt. Willis C. McClelland in Command. Following shakedown. PLUCK reported for duty to Commander, Mine Forces, Pacific. She was assigned to Mine Squadron NINE, Mine Division NINETY-THREE.  She deployed to WestPac in January 1956, and returned in June to Long Beach, California for overhaul. During January and February 1957 she assisted survey operations in Long Beach Harbour.
Assigned to WestPac 2 June 1958, Pluck Operated off Taiwan in August and September during the Quemoy crisis. Deployed to WestPac 31 August 1960, she delivered four tons of textbooks to Batangas, Philippines, in January 1961, as part of operation "Handclasp". On her next assignment to WestPac 2 July 1962, Pluck made a good will tour of Mindanao and Panay Islands, Philippines, in September before returning to Long Beach, Calif.
Upon completion of overhaul she rejoined her sister ships at Long Beach 1 October 1963. After type training in Hawaiian waters, she deployed to WestPac 28 September 1964. During February and March 1965 she monitored coastal shipping off South Vietnam. On her next deployment to WestPac, 16 May 1966, she completed four more coastal patrols beginning July 1966 and ending 2 February 1967. In 1968 she underwent major overhaul from 29 January to 1 July, and in November, participated in an evaluation of the Red Eye antiaircraft missile. Originally homeported in Long Beach, California, she was transfered to the Naval Reserve Fleet in July 1972, at which time she changed her homeport to San Diego, California.
Into 1988, 1989 and into 1990 Pluck remained active with the Pacific Fleet as a training platform for active duty and reserve personnel. 
[Transcriber's Note: Pluck decommissioned 29 November 1990 and was stricken from the Navy list 16 January 1991. She was sold for scrapping 1 December 1992.]

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