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Photo's VIII

More great pictures from the 1956 WestPac cruise thanks to Gil Hoag. 

Gil Hoag, Ballmer and Hanks
Restruant top of hill Sasebo

Getting storm damage repaired
Sasebo Drydock with USS Pivot in the rear

Who is this brave soul?
Transfering someone to the Pivot

Mary Sue's girls hard at work
Still painting

Mary Sue girls on lunch break
Notice flags rigged for some holiday

Chi Chi Jima
Anchored at Chi Chi Jima on way to Iwo Jima
More pic's of the island on Photo's XVI

Gil posing by the jackstaff
Gil posing in Long Beach

Photo's IX

Getting a paint job
Mary Sue girls painting ship in Hong Kong

Good view of props and rudders
Sasebo Drydock 1956

Towing sister ship
Engine problems caused the need for a tow

Can we sell you something?
Bum boat looking for a sale

Large Junk in HK Harbor
Junk sailing by

Gil Hoag and ENS Carlson having a chat
Gil getting the scuttlebutt from ENS Carlson

MSC an large crane
Is this floating crane "Herman the German" ?