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Photo's IV

These photo's are the property of Shepard Kays from his time aboard Pluck. 1970-1973

This is a stern view of the Pluck when it was in drydock in Subic Bay. There was rickety-ass brou going down to the deck with a few nets to catch the drunks, etc.  I remember it swaying all over the place under the best of circumstances, why no one ever fell off at night I don't know.


This is a shot of a junk tied up off the fantail during Market Time operations.


This is a shot of the Pluck's fantail from the deck of a supply ship we were tied up against off Vietnam.  This is one of my favorite shots of those days. You can see the portable movie screen for the "movies on the fantail" call by the towing winch.  I always found it interesting that we were under darken ship rules while cruising on Market Time at night, but could still show a movie on the fantail.


This is a shot of myself and a shipmate in front of the forward 20mm mount on the Focsle. I am the guy in the glasses, the other guy is Tony Berry, a BMSN at the time.I was a GMGSN at the time. This was probably taken off California at some point. We were stationed at Pier 9 in Long Beach, but, as most MSO's, were sent all over the place to do all sorts of things.

GMGSN Kays and BMSN Berry

Photo's V