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Photo's V

A westpac tour would not be complete without a visit to these great liberty ports. Here are a few pictures of Hong Kong and Sasebo.

This is a view of Hong Kong from the tram in 2000. Check out the difference in it and the picture to the right taken in 1956. 44 years make for quite a change.


Pagoda at the Tiger Balm Gardens. 1956 


The entrance to paradise for many westpac sailors. Taken by Floyd Farrar

Paradise Alley

Another hangout called Rose's Nite Capp. (credit to Floyd Farrar)


The  pictures below were taken by Carl Haynes and depict what it looked like in Sasebo in 1955/56

Sasebo 1956

Sasebo 1956

View of the city and harbor of Hong Kong from tram. 1956

Hong Hong Harbor

The entrance to the Tiger Balm Gardens

Entrance to Gardens

Sasebo Harbor and India Basin in the 1950's

Sasebo Harbor

Peanuts Bar Sasebo. Taken by Floyd Farrar


Bar Blue Moon in Sasebo. Photo credit to Floyd Farrar.


Mobil Station 1955 Sasebo

Sasebo 1955

Girl 1955 Sasebo

Photo's VI