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Photo's VI

These pictures are owned by Henry C. Jones and depict his time aboard Pluck 1968 - 1971

Below is a picture of the USS PLUCK as she makes her way through stiff winds and a choppy sea. (Note: the billowing canvas on the flying bridge)

PLUCK 1968

This is a pic. of me and a young man who just came aboard the Pluck , we are in the forward berthing. He was an Indian from a mission in California. His name is Carmella. The picture is from about Feburary 1970


Photo's VII

Me and Liberty Hound aboard the Pluck around 1970.

Henry Jones and Liberty Hound

 I remember when Liberty Hound reported aboard. The Skipper or XO brought him aboard and he received his own folder and records. His job was mascot.The stewards who served the officers had to clean up after him. The crew was responsible for his up keep and safety. His main problems was keeping him aboard. He liked going AWOL. He skipped once and we found him at the San Pedro Toll Booth Gate. The worker there said if some one hadn't showed up before he got off, Liberty would have gone home with him. Things got stricter with him then. He got retired to a nice farm some where in Calif. and actually made it to the movies, from what I was told. He was a good dog as dogs go, just a little stupid and that was due to his breed, Basset Hound. Henry C Jones Jr